Hot Hot Hot Day!

My flowers are wilting! It’s hard to believe that as much rain that we have had that they need water. My face sweats and I hate to sweat, lol. I hate that sticky feeling. My mom didn’t sweat, my brother doesn’t sweat but me I drip even if I just get warm. But work has to be done no matter what when you have a little farm. Sunday is one of the days I do the least I can get by with. We have had two days of water heater troubles, and cold water baths would seem like a joy in this hot weather, NOT. I believe tomorrow will be a better day!

Walmart day

I found two cushions for my couch in the family room. Stones and mulch for my flower garden checked off my list to get. Pine shavings for the quails to get them out of the house, they are starting to smell. wanting to make one of these, so funny🤪

Breaking News!!!!

It’s hot here! Is that news worthy? No but you sure need to break a lot doing chores around the farm. The 4th coming up and my porch still needs decorating. I need my flag up and more red red red, ( my favorite color). Humidity is up and I really don’t like to sweat, lol. But work still has to be done no matter what the temperature is. Animals are your responsibility.